We've been calling Michigan City Home for over 30 years. With our new location and extended bar menu, we're excited to start the Summer 2015 Season!

Our team

MJ Werner

It all started back when I was 9. I came up from Florida for the summer to help at the restaurant. This would eventually be my very first taste in a long career of the business. Every summer since then I have been back here working. Because I spent these summers working with my dad, I knew I wanted to own and operate my own restaurant. In the summer of 2014 that dream finally came true when I was informed about Swingbelly's NEW location. Without hesitating I said yes! This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I'm looking forward to serving all of my customers with a friendly greeting and a smile 

Bret Palmer

Bret joined the Swingbelly's team in 1986. He was hired on as a cook and became the kitchen manager in 1990. Bret takes care of all day to day operations along with creating all the house-made soups and daily features. He enjoys being able to share his passion for food with our many loyal customers.

Dana Burnham

My name is Dana burnham. I am a waitress at Swingbellys and have been for about 12 years. When I was 15, and really needing a job, I went and applied at Swingbellys and was hired on the spot. Having worked here so long it has become to feel more like a family to me.

Natalie Palmer

Natalie started at Swingbelly's as a hostess in 1991. she has held many positions over the years and is currently the office manager as well as the daytime floor supervisor. Even though she has held many different positions, serving is the one she loves most because she can connect with customers and get to know them better. Both, Bret and Natalie, met at Swingbelly's in 1991 and later married in 1997. they live locally in La Porte with their two daughters